For the record the event is in San Joaquin County and as many have seen by now, the front line law enforcement is the county sheriff.

If anyone has ideas they think the local constabulary might care about, it would probably be good to coordinate our efforts. Having several small groups coming to them about the same event not aware of each other would make us look irresponsible. In coordination, not only would we not have to explain everything from the beginning, it’d give them the image that we’re aware and in control.

Fire art

I’m planning to contact the Sheriff’s office in the coming months to discuss the local regulations surrounding fire. I’ve discussed with Clive (among others) the possibility of having fire art, along the same lines as the Jellypus. I have not yet found any specific regulation covering fire, although that’s not to say that none exist in some buried section of the code. Regardless, it’d probably be best to alert the Sheriff’s department lest they respond to reports of unexplained sustained fire by calling out the fire brigade.

If anyone has any experience and/or insight into NFPA 160, an international standard covering flame effects in front of an audience, I’d like to talk.

Christie 20:15, 11 June 2012 (UTC)

Bus Ephemerisle

We need a 10 person art ferry for the specific purpose of looping around the city carrying passengers and cargo.

Who wants to help with this?