Ephemerisle 2011

Ephemerisle 2011 took place during Jun 9-12, in the same location as the previous two years - the Mandeville Tip County Park on the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta ([http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=207854270338809155245.0004864803082020221ed&ll=38.058837,-121.539345&spn=0.047915,0.098791&z=11 map]).

After having to rebrand the event “NotEphmerisle” (or “UnEphemerisle”) last year due to insurance and legal technicalities, this year The Seasteading Institute did not officially attempt to organize the event and let us use the name “Ephemerisle”. We rented out every houseboat in the region, built a 20x24 floating platform, brought around 200 people, and made the event an unequivocal success.

Read Matt Bell’s excellent summary of Ephemerisle 2011. Paul Bohm also write his thoughts on what made Ephemerisle a great occasion to connect.

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