Ephemerisle 2009


The first Ephemerisle was held on October 2-4th, and located just SE of where Disappointment Slough (which extends to Paradise Point Marina) meets the main channel, [https://maps.google.com/maps/myplaces?ll=38.032805,-121.467966&spn=0.005738,0.009474&ctz=420&t=h&z=17 as seen on this Google Map]. The event was sponsored & run by The Seasteading Institute, with central platforms built by Chicken John Rinaldi and his hard-working crew, who built a work boat and crane for the operation.

The event amassed 9 houseboats and a community-built platform anchored to the shore. A variety of art projects were funded by TSI. The event attracted media attention and was the subject of a documentary by Stanford Film Master’s student Jason Sussberg.1 2345. Perhaps most importantly, it was successful enough to lead to community interest and growth in future years. See the participant reports below for personal experiences.



Participant Reports