Approaching the event

When approaching the city, please do one of the following: - Tune your VHF radio to channel 69. - Call the UberConference line at (281) 789-9125 with pin 70218 once you’re in active docking/anchoring range. Please only use this conference call for active event coordination - e.g. mostly docking/anchoring! There’s a limit to the number of participants on the call, so drop off as soon as you’re done.

2012 city layout… subject to change.

Event updates:

Sign up for the @ephem12 Twitter account for event updates.

If you don’t actively use Twitter but want to receive announcements, text “follow ephem12” to 40404 with your phone. You’ll get a text message anytime someone makes an announcement. If you want to broadcast an announcement, you’ll need a Twitter account, but it takes just a couple of minutes to set up if you don’t already have one. Once you have an account, just make a tweet “@ephem12 [your message]” and the system will automatically broadcast your message to all the attendees who have signed up.

Radio FMerile will be broadcasting at 95.3 FM.

Ferry captains:

Paul Grasshoff (NEW NUMBER!! – 650-773-6419 – he borrowed Chris’s phone)

David Pablo Cohn 650-265-0172


North Side

Jason Levin 941-650-9762

South Side

Paul Grasshoff 323-428-4434

West Side

Paul Wheeler 206-669-6429

Note… in the chaotic Ephemerisle environment, texting may be better than calling.