Bay Station

Focusing on growth and creation on the water. Teaching fishing, testing a green house (or at least plants) possibly making simple boats (an idea in progress). I’ve had a few people say they likes the idea. This is where some of the idea came from (video) and I’d like to test/build something that might resemble that in terms of tech/idea testing. I’m looking at anyone interested in helping build, teach, experiment, and form an Island with those principals in mind.

Open Sailing - International Ocean Station, Social Responsive Interface

Talk to Sean Kolk for more info.

Ithaka - Daytime Fun Island

Waterslide. Tea House. Cooperative spirit. Social but mellow evenings. Currently at two boats, potentially open to more, but not sure. Contact: bhopter at gmail.


7-8 boats. Probably full. Contact Chris Rasch ( for more info.


8 houseboats, a few sailboats. Space Pirates. People seriously committed to social responsibility, fun, and technology. And Bacon.


Los Angelopes (these guys: came to the event unexpectedly and built an incredible island out of found materials.

New to Ephemerisle and looking for more information?

If you’re new to Ephemerisle, don’t know anyone involved in the event, and are looking to ask general questions, the best way to get in touch is probably to join the Ephemerisle discussion Facebook group or send an to e-mail, rather than contacting individual island captains directly (they have a lot on their plate right now).