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2013: Need help hauling - looking for someone who has a truck or wants to split the cost of a U-haul. Need to transport materials for floating docks. Can work from Hayward or Lafayette areas. Contact: thipdar (at) comcast (dot) net or call (510) 589-0714

Sharing a speedboat on Saturday

Need a speedboat ride both ways between either marina and the isle for 4-6 people, for Saturday during the day (going in morning, leaving in evening). If you can help me find a ride, please give me, Damian, a call at 5IO-68I-5659, or email me at moskovitz (at) post (dot) harvard (dot) edu. Thanks!


Carpools to the marinas:

(there is a spreadsheet available for ridesharing: check the tabs at the bottom of the sheet)

June 2nd

Rides offered: car going up with Candice from LA 2 spaces available.

Rides need:

Wednesday, June 6th

Rides offered:

Rides needed:

  • Jolly: From anywhere in the greater SFO region! Flying in Tuesday night. - 312-445-0734
  • Aubrey & Adelaide: from SFO area in the morning
  • Mike K: Mountain View ideally, but can travel as far as San Francisco if necessary. As early as possible.
  • Arianna, from the Amtrak station at 735 South San Joaquin Street, Stockton, CA 95203. Bus arrives at 2:14pm

Thursday, June 7th

Rides offered:

Rides needed:

Friday, June 8th

Rides offered:

  • 1 spot available from LA: speak to anastasia
  • up to 5 spots available from Santa Clara/SF and points in between, depending on gear.
  • Return Friday morning to Bay Point/Pittsburg BART or OAK airport. Taking the ferry back 7:30am for BART or 9am for OAK. Taking a taxi; splitting fair appreciated. contact Cord at or (347) 620-4066

Rides needed:

  • Need ride from Los Angeles area, preferrably early in the day. Please contact Jay: blickman at or (eight one eight) 205-4790. Also return on Sunday needed if I can get up there.

  • Return Friday morning 9am or 10:30am to Bay Point/Pittsburg BART or OAK airport. I plan to take a taxi but I’d love to get a ride instead of someone’s planning to leave at the same time. contact Cord at or (347) 620-4066

Saturday, June 9th

Need ride from east bay for one person. Thanks, Annika 510-541-1137

Transport to marina offered/wanted: Include your name, date, time, and what you need to / can bring. Contact info for people should be able to be found on the Facebook group.

Sharing a rental truck Got a big art project? Let’s all go in on a truck to get our stuff there. Interested? Add your name:

Bonnie-3147 at kokiri dot org – renting a panel van in Sacramento. If you’re in the Sacramento area and want to transport something in it, let’s talk.

Sharing a storage space

We’re renting a space in San Leandro for $55/mo. Contact Terry Floyd (find on FB) for more info.


Memocracy 1/2 (Captain Matt Bell) – two 10-person boats.

Radio FMerisle (Captain Thipdar: thipdar {at} comcast [dot] net) – one 6-person houseboat.

3147 Yacht Club (Captain Bonnie: bonnie-3147 (at) kokiri (dot) org) – one 10-person houseboat plus a patio boat.

Borealis (Captain Mark Arce) - Grand Summit boat presently planned for South (crew: Janine Costanzo, Desiree Dudley, Issac Trotts, Darryl Hunt, Jess Lissner, Taylor Raynes, Eva Holtz, Kenny Powell, Dave Llorens)

Patio Boat


Got spaces? Looking for a crew? Looking to crew? Make a note here:

Solara can sleep 4 complete strangers comfortably, 6 close friends cozily. Plans are to sail out of the Emeryville Marina on June 5 to meet up with the houseboat flotilla on June 6. For info on crewing the boat or sleeping arrangements, contact Terry Floyd @ (510) 207-4423 or email

Any boats looking to share/rent a sleeping spot? If so email

Floating Docks:

Will the Community Platform again make an appearance? YES! The Community Platform is in storage (along with Matt’s game platform and the privacy teepee). All of them fit neatly inside a 19’ U-Haul truck, but if more projects are going to be built this time, it is far more efficient and cost effective to rent one large truck to transport as much as can be packed, rather than multiple smaller trucks (and the Marina has some strict parking policies we have to observe). Who would like to coordinate the truck rental?

Radio FMersile and La Belle Ephemera are planning on building a floating dock specificly for a speed boat and a patio boat. It will also house La Belle Ephemera, at least until Saturday afternoon; on Saturday afternoon, the floating dock will be repositioned and repurposed for use by the performers that will be entertaining at the Saturday Night Dance Party.

In addition to what’s listed here, you can check this spread sheet for boatshares and rideshares:


Transport to marina offered/wanted:

Include your name, date, time, and what you need to / can bring. Contact info for people should be able to be found on the Facebook group.

-Can take 4 people from LA to the Festival. Call me at 360-306-1661 if interested. -Daniel Finfer

  • Happy to haul your art project or gear in my van in exchange for gas money. Can fit objects 4’x8’x3’tall inside and about that on the roof. – Christie

Transport from marina to event site offered/wanted:

Please add your departure/arrival times, phone number, and the boat you will be using to get/to from the festival in this spreadsheet.

Sharing a speedboat on Saturday

A 1-day speedboat rental with waterski/wakeboard package is around $350. No one waterskis the whole day, so 10-20 of us could go in on a speedboat rental, or we could charge $10/person as a passenger ferry for Saturday day trippers to offset costs.

Who’s interested:

-Scott Norman -Daniel Finfer - Matt Bell - Christine Peterson - Mike K - Zoe Miller - will bring the big pull-behind inflatable toy again - will pay up to $150 for shares - have children ages 11 and 6 who would like to go - Zachary (and I’m guessing a bunch of others from the FalseProfit houseboat) - Pablo - James H. (I’ll donate to the cause, just let me know who to send money to) - Ratha - Randy Hencken (I’m in if we can get a wakeboard).

Sharing a rental truck Got a big art project? Let’s all go in on a truck to get our stuff there. Interested? Add your name:

  • Matt Bell – game platform

  • Ratha Grimes – central platform

  • Terry Floyd – AquaDome Lounge (BYOL) Looking at renting a 17’ moving truck. Due to mileage charges, team is thinking about parking truck at Bethel Island and transporting equipment on Patio Boat rented at Paradise Point.

  • Adam – Privacy TeePee and BYOL.

Sharing a storage space

Houseboats: Got spaces? Looking for a place to stay? Make a note here:

Looking for camping space on the roof of a houseboat - Starchild (sfdreamer at earthlink)

  • Memocracy - 10 person boat. *FULL* Arriving Thursday, Returning Sunday. Captain: Matt Bell. Co-conspirators: Ratha Grimes, Sahra Santosha, Laura Salcido, Kate Compton, Mike Katsevman, Tanya Jones, Erin Rapacki, Daniel Ford, Mark Arce.

  • FloatingFamily - 13 person boat. Probably full, but may have space as family members depart. Arriving Thursday, Returning Sunday. Captain: Pablo Cohn. Co-conspirators: Zoe and family, Patri and Family. - Ithaka
  • 6 person boat, overstuffed with co-opers. 9 people on thurs/fri, 6 on sat/sun. Captain: Bobby (bhopter at gmail, couchsurfing, etc).

  • Jesse - interested in sharing a houseboat - Embedded Linux Guy at Gmail

  • Strawberry Neptune: 4 houseboats, captained by Paul and Tyson. Embarking at 10:00 and noon on Thursday.

  • 2 TSI boats – Full.

  • 1 Thiel Foundation boat.

-Carl Frost- Anyone got room for 3? One Dutch girl and two guys from Austin.

Patio Boat

Terry Floyd, Dave Weinshenker, Isaac Trotts and Christie Dudley have rented a Patio Boat, but this will probably only accommodate 4.

However, the AquaDome Lounge Kickstarter Project (See aquadome-lounge) could be an option. Donors of $50 or more to the project are welcome to sleep under the dome (if we sleep at all)

?? Others?


Got spaces? Looking for a crew? Looking to crew? Make a note here:

  • Carl Frost I’ve got some experience with 16 and 22 footers.

  • Tim Potter - I’ve sailed regattas around the Channel Islands.