• mpinner (a newb) is the boss of this meeting

technology of artistic survival the right crowd

  • proposed boat line of two segments

double u’s connected by reversed houseboats sleeper island/noise issues should be resolve by community and individuals advocacy loss of central space

  • Central platform -returning this year

Candice is running the org and plans for reuse/expansion kickstarter for expansion/storage fees? pre-EI construction of modules duplicate design for a sleeping platform? find an expert to check seaworthiness/safety?

  • BYOL designs?

Mojave Makers as a staging point construction and transport pooling??? nonpermanent and cheap vs. value design polyurethane foam can hold shape and float at the same time stitch and glue wood building pontoons cost -> portability -> features geodesic sphere $1600-$1700 for the central platform last year stability was a problem with drums anchoring (current/wind is significant) what about storing large permanent stuff? (float houses)

   local moorage\    selling afterwards?\    storage at mojave maker

  • what are the other marinas we can access?
  • carpooling and transit

boats have their own schedules/organization central services need to be public port comms


  • protocol of press

what’s up with photos/video? safe times? outdoors is a public space/indoors has some expectation of privacy lack of leaders means lack of consensus on policy

  • plots and plans
    • Clive and Cyprian (money and help requested)
      • Jellypus -giant lighted underwater thing

multiple tentacles 20ft across random grasping tentacles of death via water pressure laptop control

    • Fireball Island -an island, made of fireballs

20 channel fireball sequencer laptop control

    • Paul Grasshoff

community support(sleeping arrangements, better technology) enable growth but not tourists

    • Justin Corwin

community services hut/platform/hotel

    • Grace and Doug

Alaskan resilience experience balloon barge (latex)(Grace) waterproof wearables/electronics Microship???!?!!!! pet friendly area?

    • Ethan

rockets, fires, and solar

    • Janet (JZ)

friendliness to kids? helper big boat experience(blue ocean) racing sailor

    • Bruce


    • Aaron

liveaboard experience - Candice(Candi) newb central platform event planning

    • Tyson (experienced captain, now shipless)

BYOL: platform of tents semi-submersible platform design (spar buoy)

    • Joshua Truett


    • Daveed

project management transport between EI and marina organization speedboat captain

    • Kristy

3 Time champion organization Yoga class Politics/Book discussion floating art gallery?? (request for help) carpentry experience

    • Jess

newb sculpture sailor friend will come

    • Ariana

newb looking for a berth a skilled writer marketing swan boats variant?? (request for help)

    • Josh

newb construction experience electricals experience

    • Naim

newb plus a crasher sailor embedded sensors in hostile environments

    • Dania

Burning man veteran artist/musician competitive swimmer/sailor ER trained raw vegan supply seargeant

    • Cindy

newb has a boat theme: Red Boat floating art cook

    • Kyle

rockets/engineering design stabilizing platform(excessive complication)

    • CJ

enthusiasm veteran

    • Dune

burn the geek designer burning man vet

    • Anastasia

ephem vet burner experience speaker social issues chef sex positiity/consent